Allison Road: REVIVED!

As someone who was seriously bummed by the announcement that Allison Road had been cancelled, my level of excitement has been blown through the roof over hearing that the project’s now been continued by the creator Christian Kesler, under a new label founded with his wife – Far From Home.

Allison Road was originally cancelled in June 2016, though now that it’s back in production, horror fans that had been looking forward to playing can now rejoice in its revival.

Eminence: Xander’s Tales Trading Card Game

I have a problem. I tend to collect random things. Currently, I have at least three collections of things going in my apartment – vintage cookbooks, Funko Pop figures (I have almost 30 of them – sad right?), and bento box supplies. My latest craze is trading cards. Granted, I really suck at trading card games. I’m not great at putting together decks. However, I do enjoy the playing. Hearthstone has fast become a favorite pass time.

Fist of Jesus Released Today

Fist of Jesus releases on Steam today, and it looks absolutely hilarious! From Steam, “Fist of Jesus tells the adventures of Jesus and Judas, where the world is now full of Zombies caused by Lazarus’ resurrection. Cowboys, the Roman Army, Mythological Creatures and Steampunk technology in the 80’s style, all packed with lots of fun.” Pick it up at the link below today!