ARK: Survival Evolved is Annoying as Hell

ARK: Survival Evolved is probably one of the most frustrating as hell games I’ve ever played in my entire life. It is riddled with bugs and glitches, alpha tribes make it impossible to play on PvP and sometimes even PvE, admins on unofficial servers can be dicks to the worst of their abilities, and there’s nothing like having a dinosaur you spent legitimately HOURS, in some cases DAYS, raising just disappear without a trace, forever lost to the ether of the great server divide.

Eminence: Xander’s Tales Trading Card Game

I have a problem. I tend to collect random things. Currently, I have at least three collections of things going in my apartment – vintage cookbooks, Funko Pop figures (I have almost 30 of them – sad right?), and bento box supplies. My latest craze is trading cards. Granted, I really suck at trading card games. I’m not great at putting together decks. However, I do enjoy the playing. Hearthstone has fast become a favorite pass time.

Welp, it Has Finally Happened – and Some Announcements

That’s right.

My precious, beat up, run down, and much loved five-year-old PC has finally gone to that giant wasteland in the sky.

Unfortunately that means, I won’t be able to review any games for a little bit, and why I haven’t reviewed any in this past month. However, I DO still have my MacBook, and several games that run on THAT, so I’ll potentially be able to pick up reviewing again as soon as next week, I just need to buy a new MacBook cable!