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Hey there, fellow gamers! Welcome to Tuesday Turnout – a weekly round-up of my personal favorite gaming news of the week. I realize I haven’t blogged in a while; there’s been a lot of hectic activity going on in my life this past month what with Christmas and New Years and moving house and the like. Though, now that I am settled and eager to get started again, my blog will hopefully get back to normal!

Below is this week’s exciting news (from my perspective). But also, be sure to comment and let me know of any news I may have missed or that you are particularly interested in from the past week as well!

 1. Carbine Studios’ Newest Update to WildStar Introduces “The ProtoGames Initiative”

I am a HUGE fan of WildStar. Ever since the beta, I’ve been a big big groupie of Carbine Studios. The Protogames Initiative (which I can’t seem to type without spelling Protodrake first – damn you, World of Warcraft!) is the fourth content update since the game’s release in June 2014.

Content included in the update is along the lines of:

  • New Shiphand Experiences

“They Came From Fragment Zero!” is the newest Shiphand, designed for level six players (don’t worry level 50s, there’s a Veteran mode included). Players can blast off to an asteroid near the moon of Halon to uncover a spooky Eldan facility and investigate the unnerving experiments going on there. Additionally, WildStar’s existing Shiphands now also feature Veteran modes for level-50 fans looking for challenging encounters and matching completion rewards.

  • Protogames Academy

To help the newest players out, WildStar brings the best tutorial on this side of Nexus in the form of Protogames Academy. This level-10 dungeon will teach less-experienced dungeon-goers the tricks of the trade by introducing them to WildStar’s more complex group content mechanics, while also providing a fun experience and access to more support-role gear much earlier in the leveling process.

  • The Ultimate Protogames

A challenging new level-50 veteran dungeon, The Ultimate Protogames gives player-contestants the opportunity to battle through Protostar’s most diabolical and deviously devised diversions. In this maniacal game show, players will fight through randomly-ordered rooms making every run of the dungeon unique. The prize for emerging victorious? Eternal glory (and sweet loot).

  • New Customization Options

A new customization system called the “Character Chop Shop” enables players to make all kinds of changes to their characters’ hair, face, and body, and a new housing option give players the tools to change the terrain style of their property. From the dusty dunes of Malgrave to the ice floes of Whitevale, players have more control over the look of their plot than ever before. And the new Underground Bunker House will let you get the most out of your available space by putting your living quarters deep beneath the surface.

Sounds exciting right? Are you excited? I’m excited! Way to go, Carbine! Read more about theProtogames on the Wildstar Online website and don’t forget to check out the trailer below!

2. Sexy Poolside Frolics with Big Bang Empire (NSFW!)

This one is more for the adults in the room. Go ahead and cover your child’s eyes. I’ll give you a minute…

Ready? Okay.

Munich based game publisher, European Games Group and developer Playata are presenting a brand new game area to the highly popular browser based game, you guessed it – Big Bang Empire! The poolside will be available beginning February 3, and all virtual stars and starlets are welcome to slip into their favourite skimpy bikini or their most spectacular speedos, grab their underwater camera and slap on an extra layer of sunscreen! With over 60 new hilarious missions, splashy conventions and new sexy summer items for their avatars as well as groovy NPCs tropical poolside feeling is certainly guaranteed!

Big Bang Empire (I wouldn’t click on this while you’re at work, kids) launched officially worldwide in December 2014 with a PEGI 16 rating and has gained enormous momentum and popularity in that short time, so it is definitely a browser-based game to watch for the future! What can I say – sex does indeed sell. Want to sign up? Get to it today!


3. Chimera Entertainment to Publish Mystery of Neuschwanstein in February 2015

I am a huge fan of visually gorgeous puzzle games (check out my reviews on Gabriel Knight Sins of the Fathers and Melissa K and the Heart of Gold for some real gorgeousness!) and if there’s one thing I’ve no doubt of, it is that Mystery of Neuschwanstein definitely promises to deliver.

Originally announced in January 2014, Mystery of Neuschwanstein, created by Chimera Entertainment, is now excitingly close to release on February 18th. The press release describes the game as follows:

A world famous castle, the mysterious unsolved death of a romantic king and anonymous hints pointing to a murky network of conspiracies – what more does a journalist need to guarantee an exciting story – maybe even with Pulitzer potential? That is why Sarah Hamilton, investigative writer for the magazine “Facts & Fancy”, does not hesitate one second, when she receives evidence that there is something strange going on at the famous Neuschwanstein Castle, popular tourist attraction and last home of the doomed fairy tale king Ludwig II of Bavaria. Follow Sarah and her newfound acquaintance Professor Adler on an exciting puzzle-adventure game which will take the protagonists on a dangerous quest for the truth behind one of Germany’s most high-profile cold cases.

Countless challenging puzzles, brain teasers and hidden object scenes await the virtual detective on his search for the true facts behind the 128 year old crime that will lead him through beautiful hand-drawn locations within the famous castle and its breathtaking surroundings. High quality voiceovers and an atmospheric soundtrack together with a fascinating mystery story based on true events will keep players glued to their screens until they have cracked this spellbinding secret.

Just look at it! I cannot wait to get my hands on it. Be sure to keep an eye on the Facebook page for more details of its PC, Android, iPhone and iPad release!

That concludes the first Tuesday Turnout! Be sure to check in next week for more exciting game industry news. And don’t forget to comment below with your favorite news of the week!

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