Tuesday Turnout – A Day Late!


Someone should really remind me to set up calendar reminders. But in my defense, yesterday WAS a pretty stressful day… More about that later. Maybe. Sometime. Anyway, without further ado, let’s check out what happened this past week in gaming awesomeness.

1. The Sims 4 Announces First Expansion Pack


That’s right – the first expansion pack has been announced and I have to admit, it sounds pretty awesome. Of course (and unfortunately) it does still come with the $39.99 price tag (in addition to the base game price – read my review on the Sims 4), but here’s hoping the pack will ultimately live up to that price.

We’re excited to announce our first expansion pack, The Sims 4 Get to Work! With three brand new active careers, each complete with a new fully playable career venue, there are plenty of ways for you to fulfill your Sims ambitions. But that’s not all. You can even create your Sims’ own retail business, taking advantage of your Sims’ skills and hobbies to earn those Simoleons.

You can read all about the new expansion on the Sims 4 blog, but let me tell you – I am pretty excited about the new, completely playable career paths. AND the ability to just start your own little business. I wonder if creating a bakery or a coffee shop would be possible. I would LOVE that. Central Perk, here I come!

2. Goetia by Ynnis Interactive is Nearing Kickstarter Goal


Goetia, by Ynnis Interactive, is a super exciting point and click adventure game that looks equally spooky as it does fun. You play as Abigail, a ghostly young girl, and explore Blackmoor Manor in an attempt to discover why you are back from the dead. Sounds great right? In their own words…

Goetia is a point-and-click adventure game for PC, Mac and Linux – and, as in any adventure game, you’ll be seeking out clues, finding objects, and figuring out how to use or combine them in order to progress through the different areas, puzzles and encounters.

However, there is one major difference compared to other adventure games that you might be used to. In Goetia, you play the part of Abigail, the ghost of a young lady. And as a ghost, you can walk through walls and fly through ceilings, you can explore everywhere as you see fit. But… to manipulate objects, you’ll have to possess them, just like a real poltergeist would. And once you possess an object, you can’t pass through walls anymore.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign (they’re only $8,500 away with 8 days to go!) and read more about Goetia over on Square Enix Collective.

3. Rising World Implements Food and Hunger, Among Other Things


Rising World, a super fun sandbox survival type of multiplayer game, just implemented food and hunger into the early access game. If you’ve never heard of this game, boy are you in for a treat (and you should definitely get involved in the early access, which you can do via Steam):

Rising World is an open-world sandbox game with randomly generated, fully destructible environments.

Starting with the most basic of tools, collect resources to survive in the wildness. Evolve your world to create one of the biggest cities of all time or a gigantic castle, or simply let your imagination run riot! If being creative is all too much, just connect with your friends and get them to help.

Anything is possible!

Read about the latest food/thirst/hunger update on their Steam blog.

That’s it for today! Very quick wrap up of the awesome. All very exciting stuff! See you next week!

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