Do NOT Send Keys to This Person! Scam Alert!

Hi, folks! How’s it been going? Don’t worry, I’m working on getting back into the groove of things! HOWEVER… there is something some of you should know while I’m gone for a bit longer (don’t worry, not too long!).

It’s been brought to my attention that I apparently have an impostor. This impostor’s name is (doubtfully, but this is the one they’re using) is Graecyn Knoll – email address (or any variation). Whoever this person is has been sending emails to developers and publishers alike, requesting game review codes while claiming to own and administrate my website. This is not my name.

Let me emphasize that this person – is not me, has never had any affiliation with my website, and you should NOT send whoever this person is review codes. 

Here is an example of the email this person has been circling in my name:

Hello, [Developer/Publisher].
My name is Graecyn and i’m a game journalist who has independently owned and managed my game review and news website now for over a year. Today I’d like to ask you about Arson and Plunder: Unleashed, as the next game I’d like to review. Is it possible you could authorize a press key to me so that I can document my experience and critique?
You may also notice there’s been a delay on content on my web space due to personal reasons, I’ve only just returned to produce more content, just in case you were wondering!
All the best,

Again, let me emphasize that this person is NOT ME and has zero affiliation with PC Gamer Girl.

I have ONE valid email address that is used in ALL of my correspondence. Many of you with me listed on your press inquiry list can verify this. My inquiry email address is This is the ONLY email address that uses the domain. If at any point you receive an email claiming to be affiliated with this website, and it is not one of these two – I can assure you, they are NOT affiliated with this site, in any way.

I apologize to all of you who have been deceived by this person and sincerely hope that this post helps clear the matter up. See you all again soon!

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