If Real Life was Like a Video Game

Have you ever wondered what real life would be like,… if it were a video game? Now, you don’t have to!

Imgur user, andrewrootbeer, has posted quite a large collection of images, Skyrim-stylized, in order to portray what everyday mundane life might be like – if it took place within a video game. If nothing else, it is pretty funny to see. I’ve always wanted to raise my cat petting level to 17, haven’t you? No? Just me, then.

I am pretty sure if real life was a video game, I’d be much more likely to take extreme risks. You know, jump off buildings, eat something poisonous, get in a fight with a Sasquatch, kick a mugger in the nads, that kind of thing. Because if you died, you could just start over; and how cool would that be? Not to mention, I’d certainly be taking advantage of save games. There are definitely some years from my life that I’d love the opportunity to either replay or revisit. Didn’t like your major in college? RELOAD. Completely regret dating that one loser who cheated on you right before senior prom? RELOAD. Want to relive your wedding day or the birth of your children? Didn’t do as well on the SATs as you could’ve? Want to talk to a deceased loved one? Prevent your dog from eating your homework? Rethink those last six drinks at your 21st birthday party? RELOAD. The possibilities are pretty much endless.

How would you play if life was like a video game? Let me know in the comments!

Check out the image gallery over at Imgur or click here to view on Buzzfeed!

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