Eminence: Xander’s Tales Trading Card Game

I have a problem. I tend to collect random things. Currently, I have at least three collections of things going in my apartment – vintage cookbooks, Funko Pop figures (I have almost 30 of them – sad right?), and bento box supplies. My latest craze is trading cards. Granted, I really suck at trading card games. I’m not great at putting together decks. However, I do enjoy the playing. Hearthstone has fast become a favorite pass time.

If you’re at all like me in this respect, you’ll love what I’m about to tell you. A gorgeous, new trading card game is under development. Its name? Eminence: Xander’s Tales.


The developers, Aeterna Studios based in London, are very close to their Kickstarter goal with seven days left to go. From the Kickstarter page:

Eminence: Xander’s Tales is a card collecting role playing adventure which takes place in a world where fantasy and science collide. Imagine a Trading Card Game where you collect cards from beating and outsmarting your opponents in a competitive high risk game. What happens when you combine this with an MMO environment and an RPG dialogue? A brand new trading card role playing game re-imagined for Mobile, Tablets and Desktop (Windows, Linux & Mac OS).

Sounds pretty exciting right?! I’m pretty excited.

Not convinced? You can always check out the demo and try it out for yourself. You can read more about it on the game’s Kickstarter page. And the Eminence: Xander’s Tales website. And Facebook. Or follow progress on Twitter! Or check out the Steam Greenlight page.

Oh, and donate if you can. Even just a $10 USD donation will get you early beta access to the game. But if you can swing for the $50 USD donation, the art book you’ll get alone would be a sweet addition to your growing concept art book collection – I really do have a problem.


Some of Eminence’s features:

  • Card Collecting: Collect hundreds of beautifully designed cards drawn by award winning designers. Trade with friends or unlock exclusive cards from story based quests.
  • Card Stealing: Build a collection of uniquely designed cards by conquering your opponents and taking their cards.
  • Evolving Story: Immerse yourself in a progressive story line. Take up Xander’s quests to reveal the tales which unfold within the grand storyline.
  • Exploration & MMO: Explore a real time virtual world. Meet with real people in real time and traverse a continuously expanding environment and story.
  • Character Creation: Customise your character. Choose from a wide variety of different looks and hairstyles. Upgrade your gear and create a look which separates you from the pack.
  • Multiplayer Action: Participate in ongoing events and tournaments which offer rare cards, exclusive armour/gear, prizes and bragging rights.
  • Unique Guild System: Join forces with other heroes and build a team to battle cooperatively against other teams. Invite your friends to make your team even stronger.

I really can’t explain fully how awesomely fun this game looks to me, so I’ll just encourage you to read (so much) more on the game’s website, or go ahead on over to the Kickstarter page and show some love! And spread the word – only 7 days to go to goal!

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