World of Warcraft Reveals Robin Williams Tribute

As we all have heard by now, I’m sure, legendary comedian and actor Robin Williams passed away this past month on August 11, 2014. Having grown up watching his movies, it was a particularly sad occasion for myself and many of my friends, know that we’d never see the man who’d made us laugh for so many years on the big screen again.

Shortly after his death, a petition on Change.ORG appeared in the hopes of persuading Blizzard to add a Robin Williams tribute character to the game. Recently, a tribute to Williams, who was possibly most famous to my generation for his role as the Genie in Aladdin, has recently been discovered by Warlords of Draenor beta players. The tribute? None other than a comical WoW-stylized version of the famous Aladdin character. According to WoWHead, the NPC can be found on an island near Talador.

Nearby the Ever-Burning Lamp (which summons the genie), is a broken egg, symbolizing the iconic 70s TV show character Mork from Ork, a character also portrayed by Williams. Quoted from WoWHead‘s news article:

We have datamined an alternate version of Robin dressed like Mork with overalls, so perhaps he will make an appearance here as well. There are also some stuffed animals and tanks, hinting at a potential tribute to Toys. Our third datamined Robin NPC is also dressed like Mrs. Doubtfire.

I think it is safe to say that Blizzard has definitely met their goal of putting together a touching tribute to a great man and actor who also happened to be a fan of their hugely popular game. Well done, Blizzard!

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