The Sims 4: Pools are Here!

It looks like not every addition to The Sims 4 is going to require the purchase of an expansion pack – and that is awesome news!

With the last couple of updates to the game, Electronic Arts has implemented both ghosts and pools back into the simulated phenomenon we all know and love. If you recall, the lack of pools was a huge complaint amongst game reviewers when the game released in September 2014. But fear not!

Pools can now be built just as easily as houses with the new building tools, which honestly, is one of the best new features of The Sims 4. The fluidity and ease of use make building a house a real joy, and easy as pie, so the game has that going for it, which is nice.

Other features of the new pools include (from the update notes article):

  • Ability to build a pool diagonally
  • Ability to add windows on the walls of pools to create an “infinity” pool
  • Ability to adjust pool wall height to create depth to your pools
  • Rooftop pool building!
  • New outfits and swimwear for your sims
  • New interaction of sitting along side the pool’s edge to chat and interact with other sims
  • And the old, sadistic favorite… sending your sims to a watery grave!

You can read the official article over on The Sims 4 blog or read the full patch notes here. Happy pool building!


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