Hatred Revives Violence in Games Debate

Newly announced shooter game, Hatred by Destructive Creations, thrusts you into the role of a killer.

This is not at all unheard of when it comes to video games, and far from it. Skyrim, Grand Theft Auto, Fallout, even The Sims (at the whim of their evilly-hand-rubbing controllers) give anyone who plays the ability to murder someone if they so choose. So why has Hatred quickly become a video game pariah that calls morals into question all within 48 hours of the game’s first announcement?

In Hatred, you play an unhinged mass murderer, hell bent on killing as many people as you can – men, women, police, people sitting at the bus stop, whomever – before ultimately dying yourself. The trailer is particularly disturbing to the masses, depicting people squirming and pleading for their lives before having their heads blown off or throats slashed. Check it out below if you like (but be warned, it’s pretty gruesome).

Personally – I’m actually kind of shocked a game of this caliber wasn’t made sooner. I can certainly understand the uproar over the trailer – it is definitely not for the faint of heart. But direct from theDestructive Games website, they weren’t trying to be PC.

These days, when a lot of games are heading to be polite, colorful, politically correct and trying to be some kind of higher art, rather than just an entertainment – we wanted to create something against trends.

Call me crazy, but with the amount of media attention the game has received in such a short period of time, I’d call that a mission accomplished. Any press is good press, right?

Within the last 48 hours, the Internet has been in an uproar over both video game morals andviolence inspired by video games (and let’s not forget the more recent GamerGate situation), rehashing the question of, “What if violence in video games provokes people to copycat them?” Developers of games such as Grand Theft Auto have long since held the stance that their games do not create real-life murderers and that the people who would do such things are mentally disturbed long before playing their video game. Many are inclined to side with them, myself included.

After posting a link to the trailer on a popular image sharing site, the biggest reaction I got was that of shock – some people simply could not believe a game like this would be created. Some called it tacky, others called it “pretty f***ing violent”. One even went as far as to say, “Here’s hoping this utter pile of garbage drives this company out of business.” Response was widely varied, to say the least. Obviously, the jury is still out on the violence in video games debate. I doubt it’ll be settled anytime soon.

In the mean time, Hatred is slated for release in 2015, hopefully to both Steam and GOG (production contracts are still underway as I understand it). I am really excited to see how the release is treated and how the media develops with it. As for the game itself, I tend not to get into first-person shooters really – however, for this one, I think I’ll be making an exception! You know. Just to see what all the fuss is about.

What about you? Will you be playing Hatred or do you think you’ll pass on the violence?

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